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NEW- HORSES & BRIDLES OF THE AMERICAN INDIANS Vol 2 BRIDLES OF THE AMERICAS  by Mike Cowdrey, Ned & Joy Martin  Spectacular large format book with 600 images; color photos/drawings & historical photographs of quilled, beaded & cloth bridles. Maps & new historical info. Special chapters on tribal horse culture by our friends Nakia Williamson Cloud, Nez Perce historian, & Paul Raczka, Blackfoot historian. 228 pages. 12” X 13.5” Hard cover.  $75.00*

Still available: Bridles of the Americas, Volume 1: Indian Silver by Ned & Jody Martin & Robert Bauver + Winfield Coleman’s  illustrations of Indian horse & rider in full regalia.”This book traces the evolution & use of silver bridles as well as gorgets, pectorals, hair plates & concha belts, all of which were first obtained through trade networks, & later the Indians learned to make themselves…500 images of silver bridles from museums & private collections..” Fantastic photos with a beautifully designed layout. Large format 12" by 13.5. Hard cover.  $65.00*

OUR EXCLUSIVE  DEAL  Vol 1  only $50 with purchase of NEW Vol 2 at $75=BOTH BOOKS $125* & FREE POSTAGE thru March  1

Limited edition of 1100 copies. Scott Thompson wrote the introductory essay.  “The first portfolio collection of the artist's work - and the first book ever devoted to the work of a Spokane tribal artist”. “George Flett draws upon ledger painting, a major tradition of Native American art, to record the traditions, history and culture of the Spokane people. 82 pp. 12” X 12” Hardcover w /jacket and cloth slipcover (see photo on our website). 5 copies we may not get more!! SPECIAL DEAL ONLY $75.00 (Amazon’s price is $100.00)

We also have his individual prints (matted) ready to frame for ONLY $35.00 each while they last. (See photos under george flett prints)

Projectile Points of the High Plains by Jeb Taylor Portrays all of the major projectile points from the entirety of major types sites on the High Plains laid out chronologically beginning with Clovis and ending with metal trade points, in full color, and actual size. Also, chapters on tool stone, dating, point morphology, hafting strategies, and climate. This book has excellent editorial reviews. 455 pp. 11” X 9” Hardcover. $145.00

FROM GERMANY!!BEAR POWER MOTIFS ON PLAINS INDIAN SHIELDS by Riku Hamalainen, U of Helsinki, Finland. A fascinating scholarly study of the overall significance of ritual shield designs,  many w/bear body parts, as seen on the museum examples. German & English text. 42 color photos. Biblio. Hardcover.10.5”X8. 72 pp. $30.00

NEW-American Indian Material Culture: The Ten Kate Collection, 1882-1888 by Pieter Hovens. During fieldwork in the American West in the 1880s, the Dutch anthropologist Hermann ten Kate (1858-1931) “assembled a sizable collection of Native American artifacts. … ranging from utilitarian tools to exquisite works of art, are important especially because of their well-documented collection history and early date of acquisition.” Most of these objects are in the National Museum of Ethnology in Leiden, Netherlands. This catalog presents the complete collection never before published.  282 pp. ONLY $40.00

GRAND PROCESSION Contemporary Visions of the American Indians The Diker Collection at the Denver Art Museum by Lois Scherr Dubin  A wonderful array of full page color details (many close-up) of the splendid dolls in this exhibit-beautifully photographed to look alive!!  Artisans: our long-time friends, Joyce Growing Thunder (Ft. Peck Assiniboine-Sioux), daughter Juanita Growing Thunder Fogarty & her daughter Jessica; Jamie Okuma & Rhonda Holy Bear. 64 pp. Index. Biblio. 8X10.5” Hardcover.  $20.00 

ART OF THE AMERICAN INDIANS-The Thaw Collection Exhibition Catalog from the Fenimore Art Museum in Cooperstown NY. This is a stunning new addition to the Thaw Collection book series with multiple detail photos of superb full-color artifact photos.  All North American culture areas are covered. P back. 9” X 11.5”. 175 pp. Very well-worth $29.95+ $5 insured media mail USA

NATIVE AMERICAN CLOTHING An Illustrated History by Ted Brasser 300 photos of moccasins, shirts, bags, weapon cases etc. from over 60 museums & private collections; many previously unpublished. 368 pp. all full-color. Hard cover. $65.00

HOT BEST SELLER- SPLENDID HERITAGE EXHIBITION CATALOG  of the John & Marva Warnock Collection. Some of the finest North American artifacts ever pictured. Absolutely superb photos of war clubs, moccasins, war bonnets, war shirts, dresses, pipe bags, dolls, pipes, knives, knife cases. guncases, blanket strips, parfleche, cradleboards & more-all 19th century examples. 223 pp. 11” sq. Paperback w/double-fold cover. Well-worth $50.00

GENEROUS MAN - Ahxsi-tapina Essays in Memory of Colin Taylor, Plains Indian Ethnologist Arni Brownstone & Hugh Dempsey (eds.) “The title of this volume reflects the view everybody…. had on Colin Taylor. In this volume, some of his very best friends, prominent anthropologists & ethnologists, deliver essays linked w/Colin Taylor’s lifelong work. The authors of this book represent a kind of “Who’s Who” of American anthropology. …. gathered to honour a great scholar and his heritage.” Plus the fabulous cover painting by Bill Holm portraying a new view of (as described by Maximillian) MatoTope being painted by Karl Bodmer. $50.00   $5 insured media mail USA

Raymond DeMallie: Lakota Robes: Classifying Material Culture Winfield Coleman: Blood Lines: Hunting Magic of the Plains Algonquians Ted Brasser: Of Stars & Butterflies Kingsley Bray: Making the Sichangu Hoop: Brule Tribal Organization Arni Brownstone: Composition & Iconography in Painted Plains Indian Shirts Cath Oberholtzer: Myth & Material Culture Among the James Bay CreePaula R. Fleming: Photographing the Plains Indians: Forts Laramie & Phil Kearny, 1866 Imre Nagy: Yellow Nose, the Enigmatic Artist of the Cheyennes Allen Chronister: The Chief’s Coat: Art & Life on the Upper Missouri Paul Raczka: Travelling with Spiritual Power Hugh Dempsey: Visitors to the Blackfoot Prior to 1860 Donald Smith: A Day in the Life of Honore Jaxon, Louis Riel’s Secretary Andrew Masich & David Halaas: Clash of Empires Fraser J. Pakes: “Stealing the Culture – with Sensitivity?” The Indian Hobbyist at the Powwow Stuart Connor: Travelling with Colin    Ian West: Out West with Colin

HOW TO SET UP A BLACKFOOT LODGE by Brian Cannavaro (signed by author). Based on years of experiences in Blackfoot encampments in Canada & Montana. Illustrations & diagrams every page. Also includes tipi gear & Blackfoot words & phrases. 45 pp. $15.00

Bridles of the Americas, Volume 1: Indian Silver by Ned & Jody Martin & Robert Bauver + Winfield Coleman’s  illustrations of Indian horse & rider in full regalia.”This book traces the evolution & use of silver bridles as well as gorgets, pectorals, hair plates & concha belts, all of which were first obtained through trade networks, & later the Indians learned to make themselves…500 images of silver bridles from museums & private collections, as well as depictions in ledger drawings & historic photos of these bridles in use by the Plains people.…The chapter on Navajo bits & bridles by Robert Bauver is illustrated with numerous photographs of ornate silver bridles & their details.”  Fantastic photos with a beautifully designed layout. Large format 12" by 13.5. Hard cover.  $65.00 +postage. Coming Fall 2011-Vol. II  Quilled, Beaded & Cloth bridles of the No. Plains & Plateau

NEW-The Great Northwest Fur Trade, A Material Culture, 1763-1850 by Ryan R. Gale. A comprehensive guide to the artifacts & weapons of the British, Canadian, & American fur traders & American Indians between 1763-1850. Excellent detailed color photos on every page w/provenance; some never before published. Notes, glossary. 169 pp. 10.5”W X 8.5” Paperback. $33.95

NEW-For Trade and Treaty by Ryan R. Gale “is the most comprehensive work on  the subject of Native American firearms to date.. .hundreds of full color images of .. original northwest guns, trade fusils, & treaty guns… also contains new research, numerous fur trade & government invoices, inventories & other firearm records never before published.” Most firearms photos span 2 pages to 22” size! 200+ pp. 11”W X 8.5”  Paperback. $35.99

Back in print! INDIAN PEACE METALS in American History by Francis Paul Prucha  Highly acclaimed as the most comprehensive book ever written on the subject. B&W photos & illustrations. Biblio. Index. 186 pp. 8.5” X 11”. Paperback $24.95 

STILL AVAILABLE: LANTERNS ON THE PRAIRIE: The Blackfeet Photographs of Walter McClintock edited by Steven L. Grafe. Never before published glimpses into Blackfeet Reservation life in Montana c. 1896-1912 including many images of Sun dance ceremonies. 128 stunning B & W photos (a few in full color).  Essays by Grafe, historian Wm. Farr, Sherry Smith & Darryl Robes Kipp. High quality scan on heavy quality paper. 10” X 11” format. 336 pp. Index. Notes. Biblo. P.back $34.95 


GUIDE TO INDIAN QUILLWORKING by Christy Ann Hensler Denver Art Museum artifacts & the author’s work is shown with full-color photos & how-to diagrams on every page!! Easy to follow, concise colorful instructions. 5.5”X8”. P.back. 64 pp. $9.95

THE BUFFALO COOKBOOK The low-fat solution to eating red meat by Ruth Mossok Johnston Great gift idea!  16 full-color illus. 11” X 8.5”. 152 pp. Hardcover. ONLY $19.95

MEMORY & VISION Arts, Cultures & Lives of Plains Peoples edited by Emma L. Hansen, curator of the Buffalo Bill Hist. Center in Cody WY. Native contributors are Gerard Baker, Joe Medicine Crow, Arthur Amiotte & Bently Sprang. Over 250 color images including ”… bonnets, war shirts, bear claw necklaces, pipe tomahawks, beadwork & quillwork” 256 pp. 9 X 12. $40.00* paper

PLANTS & THE BLACKFOOT by the late Alex Johnston, Blood tribal member, with 39 years experience in the field. Well-illustrated with Glenbow photos & botanical drawings. Excellent history & maps plus alphabetically listed plant descriptions. Notes & Index. 68 pp. 8.5” X 11. $12.00*

BEAUTY, HONOR & TRADITION By George & Joe Horse Capture. Unprecedented splendid full page color photos of WAR SHIRTS in the Smithsonian & MN  Instit of Arts. Some color photos span 2 pages; many detail close-ups. 9.5” X 12”. 160 pp. color pp etc.  $34.95*


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