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TODAY, FOUR WINDS IS THE LONGEST OPERATING TRADING POST AS WELL AS THE OLDEST IN MONTANA!!! Shop where the local Indians buy their supplies!! A visit to our old-time store is a trip back in history. Beads, face paint, deer & moose hides, dance bells, real sinew, & porcupine hair roaches (headdresses) are among the authentic goods found at Four Winds, the oldest continuously operated trading post in Montana! The original log store was built in 1870 by Duncan McDonald & moved from nearby Ravalli to it's present location by Preston Miller almost 40 years ago. Find old & new books here about local Indian history as well as about Duncan & his father, Angus, famous local Hudson's Bay trader who built nearby Fort Connah. Today, many of their relatives still trade in our store. Other Indian customers include Flathead, Kutenai, Pend Oreille, Blackfeet, Rocky Boy Cree, Shoshone & Canadian tribes ie; Cree, Blackfoot & Sarsi. Your purchases help us encourage & preserve their traditional arts & crafts. Come visit us & our spectacular view of the Mission Range of the Rocky Mountains. The Indians call it the "Backbone of the World".

  Preston Miller was joined by Carolyn Corey in 1984. (See individual bios under BOOKS) Together they have written 4 popular color price guides on INDIAN ARTIFACTS & TRADE GOODS which are based on the items sold in their past annual mail/phone Indian auctions. Stop by & see our current selection of both antique & contemporary Indian beaded moccasins, medicine bags, coin purses PLUS reproduction bead & quillwork incl. pipebags, quivers, saddle blankets as well as parfleches & much more!!!

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