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GEORGE CATLIN BOOK OF AMERICAN INDIANS by Royal Hasrick. First printing 1977. 48 full-page color plates; 120 B&W illustrations.  Large format 9” X 12” Hardcover w/jacket. EXC like-new cond.  208 pp. Biblio. Index. 1 copy $50.00*


THE RESERVATION BLACKFEET, 1882-1945 A Photographic History of Cultural Survival by MT  historian Wm. E. Farr.  1984 Many B&W photos. 210 pp. Hardcover w/jacket. EXC UNUSED COND. Biblio. Index. 1 copy $40.00*   2 copies NO jacket in EXC unused cond. $35.00*


THE NATIVE AMERICANS the Indigenous People of North America by Colin Taylor. This one is a pristine copy that was part of a boxed set. Paperback. 256 pp. $20.00 1 copy


INDIAN TRADE GOODS by Arthur Woodward. Oregon Archaeological Society c. 1965 2nd printing 1967.  This is the classic “finest publication on the subject…”. Later copies omit the photos that make this edition unique. A must for your library. Paperback. 38pp. $25.00* Only 3 copies

1993 edition-replaces photos with drawings. 47 pp. $15.00* 1 copy


THE SCRIVER BLACKFOOT COLLECTION Repatriation of Canada’s Heritage Provincial Museum, Edmonton Alberta Tells the story of acquisition of the collection. Articles by experts ie; Hugh Dempsey, Richard Conn. etc, 80 photo plates. Paperback. EXC cond. 136 pp.$35.00*


The most sought after & scarce book on Plains Indians-

THE BLACKFEET Artists of the Northern Plains by Bob Scriver of Browning MT. FIRST EDITION 2nd Printing, Lowell Press 1990  He was a famous sculptor & collTector of the 1500 items pictured in this fabulous book, including controversial close-up photos of his opened medicine bundles. Hardcover w/jacket. 406 color plates, 320 pp. 9” X 12”. UNOPENED. RARE *sealed in plastic-new copy  PRICE NOW REDUCED TO $450.00*

THE BLACKFEET Artists of the Northern Plains by Bob Scriver of Browning MT. FIRST EDITION 2nd Printing, Lowell Press 1990. See above description. Worn cover-interior excellent. (Store display copy) A BARGAIN AT $200.00*


PEOPLE OF THE FIRST MAN The Firsthand Account of Prince Maximilian’s Expedition Up the Missouri River, 1833-34 E.P. Dutton & Co., 1976.  This is the earliest  printing of this book. The daily accounts of Maximilian’s travels accompanied by the incredible watercolors of his artist companion, Karl Bodmer. Large 10.5” X 12” format. 256 pp. Hard to find. Hardcover w/jacket. Pristine  in original box only 1 copy left @ $125.00*

Promontory Press,1982. 1 copy jacket slight shelf wear-interior very good $75.00*


AMERICAN INDIAN ART by Norman Feder.  Abrams Publ. c. 1965. Written when Mr. Feder was the curator of American Indian Art at the Denver Art Museum. This is the CLASSIC  first large format book to recognize the varying arts of the American Indians as true art. 448 pp. of great color photos & descriptions of fine artifacts. 11” X 11.5”. 1982 edition. (compared to ’95 ed.has heavier paper stock) MINT CONDITION- sealed in original paper wrapper ONLY $125.00


THE GREEN COLLECTION OF AMERICAN INDIAN ART Parke-Bernet Gallery Sale #3271, 19 Nov 1971 This is the historic catalog that set a precedent establishing Indian artifacts as “ART”. Superb baskets & Plains Indian art; weapons, garments, bags, horse gear, etc.  Several color plates, B&W. 9 X 9”. Paperback. 96 pp. 2 copies $25.00  Pristine new condition.


TRADE ORNAMENT USAGE Among the Native Peoples of Canada by Karlis Karklins National Park Service Canada, 1992 Complete range of ornaments in chronological order as used by 7 major tribes incl. jewelry, wampum, utilitarian objects. 133 B & W photos, maps & drawings. 20 full-color plates. 244 pp. 8.5”X 11”. Like-new condition. Paperback. 2 copies $55.00


American Indian Basketry Magazine by John Gogol (ceased publication Dec. 1985)

Postage will be added NOTE:Vol. 1 & 2 are no longer available  #3-Twined Basketry of W. WA, part 1; #4-Part 2

#5-Col. R. Photos & Papago Basketry    #6-Alaskan Basketry@.$15.00

#7-Pima Basketry       #8-Miwok/Shasta Basketry    #9-Pomo/Wintun Basketry

#10-Klamath/Modoc/Shasta Basketry       #11-Papago, Pomo, Ojibwa Basketry #12-Washoe Basketry

#13-Miwok Basketry  #14-Arts of W. Ore. Tribes   #15-N.W. Indian Basketry #16-Amer. Indian Art

$17-Potawotami Basketry                     #18- Col. R & Plateau Beadwork (popular issue)   $10.00 each

#19-Panamint, Shoshone & Hopi Basketry        #20-Cowlitz & Wasco/Wishram Basketry $15.00 each


NATIVE AMERICANS The Art & Travels of Charles Bird King, George Catlin & Karl Bodmer by Rbt. J. Moore, Nat. Park Service historian. Sensational large format (10.25" X 14.25"). Over 300 incredible color plates of these famous early 19th century paintings. This book was originally published at $60.00. Hard cover w/jacket. 280 pp. Map, biblio. $30.00*


THE SACRED PIPESTONE QUARRIES Coteau Heritage, Journal of Pipestone Co Historical  Society, 1989   10 exclusive articles incl. one by Pres Herbert Hoover. 32 jam-packed pages with history, geology, & Native American significance. B&W photos, maps drawings & diagrams. 8.5 X 11” ONLY $10.00* postage $2.00 US


WILDERNESS KINGDOM The Journals & Paintings of Father Nicolas Point Indian Life in the Rocky Mountains 1840-47. The journals include explicit descriptions of hunting, war parties, trade sessions, dances, clothing, etc. You will be amazed at the documented parfleches, weapons, etc. in the hands of Flathead, Blackfeet & Coeur d’Alenes in 1840. 232 paintings are in full-color, a must for every library. Large 9” X 12” format. Hardcover w/dust jacket. $45.00* 4 used copies


BLACKFEET INDIANS 1995 Reprint of the 1935 edition. 50 full-page color portraits by well-known artist Winold Reiss, from his time w/the Blackfeet painting portraits for the G.N. Railroad. 10 p essay by Frank Linderman. 70 pp. 9” X 12” Hardcover w/jacket. Exc. new cond. 2 copies. @ $35


FOUR WINDS GUIDE TO INDIAN TRADE GOODS & REPLICAS by Preston E. Miller & Carolyn Corey Schiffer Publ. 1998 This is our first book on the subject; also includes stone relics, ethnographic pieces, military goods of the Indian Wars, frontier goods, & photos. These are the only copies we’ve found since it went out of print. 192 pp. 800+ all color photos. 8.5 X 11”. Very hard to find! 1 copy like new @$95


NATIVE AMERICAN ART in the Denver Art Museum by Richard Conn, curator. 1979.

Hard to find title. Survey of all cultures in large photos. This catalog contributed to the 1970’s new concept of  “the discovery of Native Art” described by Conn. 500 plates (100 in color). 351 pp. Cloth, embossed hard cover/no jacket. 1 exc. copy $65.00 1 copy scratched cover $60.00


WITH ONE SKY ABOVE US by M. Gidley, G.P. Putnam & Sons, c. 1979. Based on photos & letters of Dr. Edward Latham, Indian Agency Physician on the Colville Reservation at the turn of the century. 93 great photos w/lots of Indian folks wearing their best outfits. Exc. cond. hardcover $45.00*


MURALS IN THE ROUND Painted Tipis of the Kiowa & Kiowa-Apache Indians by John C. Ewers. 1978 Exhibition catalog. Gvt. Printing Office. Tipi models made for James Mooney in the late 19th C.  Numerous full-color photos. Old photos of the original Indian owners & history of each tipi. 55 pp. 8.5 X 11 paperback. New condition 2 copies @$25.00*


PAINTED TIPIS by Contemporary Plains Indian Artists 1973 Exhibition Catalog from So. Plains Indian Museum. Gvt. Printing Office. 14 B&W photos erecting Blackfeet tipi. 15 Blackfeet full page color drawings & B&W photos. 12 full-page color photos tipis  & more! Hard to find early title! 80 pp. 8” X 9.5”. Exc. unused cond. 2 copies @$35.00


STUDIES IN AMERICAN INDIAN ART  A Memorial Tribute to Norman Feder Collection of essays about his accomplishments by notable experts. Worthwhile just for Bill Holm’s article, Quill-wrapped Horsehair w/many color artifact examples. 208 pp. 146 illus. 84 color. 8.25 X 11”. P.back. 1 copy @$75.00* Exc. unused cond.


MONEY of the AMERICAN INDIANS by Don Taxay, Nummus Press 1970. This is the 1st & only book to offer a comprehensive study of aboriginal American currency. Various monetary forms of the American Indian described & illustrated. 158 pp.  9.5” X 6.5”. H.back w/jacket. Exc. cond 3 copies@ $25.00 3 copies never used  w/scuffed jackets $20.00


PORTRAITS OF THE RACES Art Has No Prejudice1986 Winold Reiss Exhibition Catalog for CM Russell Museum, Great Falls, MT. Full-page color paintings, many not found in other publications. Blackfeet Indians, artifacts, etc. 8.5” X 11”. 56 pp. new cond. $24.00 unlimited copies


WINTER COUNT A History of the Blackfoot People by Paul M. Raczka 1979 Friesen. Jam packed w/photos, diagrams, symbols & historic info. about the Peigan tribe all the way back to 1764. 6” X 9”. 96 pp. $24.00 unlimited copies-brand new cond.



SACRED ENCOUNTERS Father DeSmet & the Indians of the Rocky Mountain West by Jackie Peterson. Catalog of the 1993 traveling exhibition. Documents the 1830’s Catholic-Flathead contact thru drawings & artifacts. Over 200 color plates of documented early 19th C. objects most never published. P.back. 11” X 10” 194 pp. Biblio & index. $40.00 1 copy exc. used cond.


KOPET, A Documentary Narrative of Chief Joseph’s Last Years by M. Gridley, c. 1981. Photographs, letters & newspaper accounts of the time are used to describe Chief Joseph & his fight for the tribal land of the Wallowa Valley in Oregon Territory & against the confinement on a reservation. The photos are great. Paperback. 8.5” X 11”, 109 pp. Like new  3 copies  each $25.00


PLEASING THE SPIRITS A Catalog of a Collection of American Indian Art by Douglas C. Ewing, Ghylen Press, 1982. This is a wonderful classic coffee table book with photos of artifacts on almost every page;  beadwork, quillwork, rugs, baskets & ethnographic articles. Hardcover w/jacket. 27 color/479 B&W of choice collectibles. 9” X 11”. 399 pp. 2 copies Like new cond. $110.00


PAST FOUR WINDS AUCTION CATALOGS & Prices Realized All items pictured & described. GREAT PRICE GUIDES! Each single issue 50% off. (*color inserts)

OR BUY ALL 16 ISSUES FOR ONLY $50.00+postage ($199 value)

#2-1990 $5 #3-1991 $5 #4-1992 $10 #5-1993-$10 #6-1994 $10 #7-1995-$12*

#8-1996 $15*  #9-1997 $15* #10-1998 $15* #11-1999 $18* 12-2000 $18*

#13-2001 $18   #14-2002 $18   #15-2003 $18 #16-2004 $18  #17-2005 $18





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